Monday, November 9, 2009

DA lodged but delays with land registration.

Geoff got the call from Marnie at Wisdom last Friday to say the DA has been lodged with BCC.

However today after returning from a lovely weekend in Melbourne to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary there was a letter from our land developer to say that there are delays till end of January 2010 for registration of the plan

...atleast all going well with BCC we will have approval and be ready to commence construction asap after land registers.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Building plans - first floor plan

Building Plans - ground floor plan

Contract signing

Another lovely meeting with Colt at The Ponds today...
we've signed our building contract...woo hoo!!!
downside is we have to pay out some more cash....ouch!!!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will get to meet with the lovely Anita to start our colour selections...decision time

Just waiting for the land to register...developer hopes November and so do we...we are really keen to see building commence end January/early February 2010.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First photo

Well here is our block of dirt...

Preliminary plans

Friday 9 October received first set of plans from Wisdom. At last we can see what each of the elevations of the house should look like.

Sunday 11 October met with Colt and Mark to go over some minor changes with the plans...all looking good.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we get the final building plans, landscaping plan and we can lodge with BCC.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kitchen, bathrooms, landscaping

Since our last blog we have:
  • made some decisions regarding colour schemes and selections. I (D) was feeling really concerned about tile selections and our garage door but we think we've decided on the final tiles etc...this is obviously dependant on these tiles still being available when it comes to tile selection which doesn't occur until the slab is poured.
  • 4 Oct we took a trip to Alexandria and went to the Caesarstone showroom..we think we've chosen Glacier
  • we also went to Harvey Norman kitchen/bathroom centre and selected a Laminex finish for the vanity cupboards.
5 October...we took another visit out to The Ponds display centre and because the storm hit we got to spend some quality time with our friends Mark & Colt... we went out to have another look at the Impression kitchen because this is basically the kitchen design (with a couple of modifications) we will be having in our home. Colt hopes we will have our first set of plans some time this week...fingers crossed.

7 October....Today we met with Jonathan from UL today..a really nice guy..we explained to him our ideas for the landscaping in the back yard and front yard and he gave us some really good ideas..he hopes to get a landscaping concept plan to us shortly.

Friday, September 25, 2009

22 September - Revised Tender

Were happy to get an email from our friend Colt at Widsom with the revised tender. Now that's more like it. Our initial tender was our "wish list" but we had to be realistic and the new tender is more in the ball park of the amount we were looking at spending. So we happily paid the next payment to Widsom, will go and visit Colt/Mark this weekend to grab our colour pack and then eagerly await the arrival of the first set of plans.

Friday, September 18, 2009

18 September 2009...Retain or not to retain??

The funny thing think you have a flat block of land but when they have to cut a bit here, fill a bit there what you thought was level actually isn't.

So as we need to lodge a landscaping design plan with Council, we are going to meet with a landscaper and get some ideas.

17 September 2009...Exchanged

Contracts exchanged on Kellyville Ridge now need to wait for the plan to register. The vendor hopes to have plan registered by end of November and so do we as we are keen to get building as quickly has possible...the rental place is nice, smaller than we are use to but as we keep reminding ourselves 12 months, 12 months, 12 months (maximum....hopefully).

13 September 2009...Tender revision

Met with Colt to cut some items on the tender and add some items we forgot.

11 September 2009

Initial tender received from Wisdom..reality hit...somethings we thought we might like came out more expensive than we had hoped.

15 August 2009....When you wish upon a star....

Met with Colt at Widsom Homes and gave him our wish list for the Entertainer. The list could have gone on and on and on but one needs to be realistic.

31 August 2009...Goodbye to Mounty County

After many hassles of dealing with the purchaser's solicitor we finally settled on the sale of our home of 11 years at Mt Druitt and moved to rental accommodation at Muccillo Street, Quakers Hill.

June to mid August 2009...For Sale...

June 2009 we met with a real estate agent and listed our home at Mt Druitt for sale.

Whilst waiting for our house to sell we started looking at various display homes and land for sale. We initially thought we would buy in The Ponds but in our discussions with by this time our good friends at Widsom (Mark & Colt) they told us about some land for sale in Kellyville Ridge.

Mid August we accepted an offer on our house at Mt Druitt and then found our block at Sovereign Avenue, Kellyville Ridge.

By this time, we had already decided which home we would build, Widsom's Entertainer and as soon as we had put a deposit down on the land we sent details thru to Widsom so they could confirm siting etc.

June 2009 .... In the beginning....

In June 2009 we made the decision that we wanted to leave Mt Druitt and look at moving to greener pastures. We started looking at the options of buying land and building, buying an established home or buying a new house and land package and this search resulted in us meeting Mark and Colt at Widsom Homes, The Ponds.

We initially met with Mark and Colt about purchasing a house and land package they had on offer in The Ponds but after going to look at the display home found the house was not big enough for our families needs.