Friday, May 21, 2010

Update...since our last blog

Met with Timpelle Kitchens to select kitchen layout.

Brickies started today and will hopefully continue tomorrow.

Received quote from Di Lorenzo for feature tiling to bathroom.

Will blog again soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


All the plumbing has been roughed in and there is a couple of things are of concern
1. The gas point is in the home theatre should be in the dinning room this should be easy to fix
2. The sewage pipes coming down from the main bathroom don't line up with the hole in the slab, the pipe comes down in the pantry but the pipe hole in the slab is the other side of the wall. This should be interesting in how they fix this. I spoke with SS and he was going to check it out and get back to me

The SS also told us that there was a delay in the delivery of the bricks, apparently Boral has only just done the production run and they are still waiting for the "selectors" to sort the bricks and then they will be delivered.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Since our last blog a lot has happened

Today all the frame work appears to have been completed and we now have some idea as to the actual size of the house as previously we had only seen it on the plans.

Over the weekend we had a walk through the frame work and started working out where to put furniture. This lead to some minor room usage changes. Like our dining room table is too large for the area we were going to place it, so we have decided to make our indoor leisure room (which was known to us as the study) the dining room, we will have a study downstairs in a section of the fifth bedroom and as the gallery upstairs is a lot larger than we expected we will have another study upstairs.