Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things are happening at The Ridge

Hey guys...B and I (D) went up to the house on our travels this morning to discover a lovely gentleman from Timpelle Kitchens was there installing our kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities. He made comment that the kitchen will look great once finished. He also indicated from his knowledge - we should be in within 6-8 weeks maximum.

The question we had concerning our stairs appears to be resolved - they have partially finished the gyprocking of the stairs and it would seem that a railing will be installed on top of the open side and also another railing along the wall on the enclosed side of the stairs (we think similar to fellow Wisdom clients who are building the Aspiration in The Ponds).

Waterproofing done in powder room, laundry, main bathroom/toilet and ensuite.

Some of the rooms have been finished with window frames, door frames etc but still some to be done.

Friends at Wisdom gave us a call today to advise our SS has had a death in the family - our sincere sympathies to him and his family - and to assure us that all is under control and if we have any questions we should contact the office.

Photos to be uploaded soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW - we are so excited!! This week it looks like lots is going to happen.

When we visited tonight and peaked through the windows we could see that the kitchen cupboard units have been delivered, waterproofing has been done downstairs (could not see upstairs) and architraves are continuing.

Stay tuned for regular updates - more photos to come shortly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally we have Lockup.

Friday: We saw that the Gyprock and cornices were finished, the stairs went in and the SS told us that we should have lockup by Tuesday.

We finally got to see the stairs and were surprised to see that the walls have been set up around the stairs but we don't understand why the walls were not put in before the Gyprockers came in!!

With the gyprock in we now understand the size of each of the rooms and are happy with how it is all shaping up.

Today (late) we called past and saw that the external doors were on and the roller door was on and some of the architrave's were started. We will have to wait till the weekend to have a good look.

We are hoping that we are about 6 weeks off completion, that is going by other Wisdom bloggers, maybe we should start hassling Wisdom for a date soon as we have to give 30 days notice for a rental place.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This week has seen some progress, the outside is now pretty much finished, the air conditioning is in and the electrical rough in complete. The electrical rough in did a minor hiccup but after reading on another blog how they had hassles with the electrical layout we requested a copy of the working diagram and just as well. A couple of small but significant change where not included in our house and after a phone call to the SS who told us that it was not uncommon for the electrical rough in to be wrong everything was sorted out but that afternoon. This week we also met with the landscaper and the final quote should be to us very shortly
This coming week we have been told that the insulation is to completed and the Gyprock should be almost completed.