Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long time no blog

Well as you can see it is now 2010 and it has been two months since we blogged. So I hear you ask what's been happening.

Development Consent - not yet granted. Unfortunately just prior to Christmas we received a phone call from Wisdom to say that Council were asking for the landscaping plan and the letter of consent from owner to lodgement of development application - this was a surprise to us as we provided these documents to Wisdom in October.

On 12 Jan - Wisdom provided us with a letter from Council to advise there was an issue with the amount of fill and that some minor amendments were required to landscaping plan. Geoff spoke to our mate Colt about the fill issue and he believes that as the excess fill is very minor Wisdom should be able to resolve this by lodging a letter of justification.

On 18 Jan - the plan of subdivision for our block was registered - so now it is all steam ahead to settle on the land.

On 19 Jan - we received the amended landscaping plan and emailed this to Wisdom - they have prepared a letter of justificati0n and would be sending both these docs to Council.

Hopefully we will have Development Consent any day now and we can then obtain the Construction Certificate.

On 6 Feb we will be meeting with Anita of Wisdom for our colour selection appointment. We have pretty well decided on most things but need her wisdom (lol) on some selections.

Watch out for next blog.

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