Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally we have Lockup.

Friday: We saw that the Gyprock and cornices were finished, the stairs went in and the SS told us that we should have lockup by Tuesday.

We finally got to see the stairs and were surprised to see that the walls have been set up around the stairs but we don't understand why the walls were not put in before the Gyprockers came in!!

With the gyprock in we now understand the size of each of the rooms and are happy with how it is all shaping up.

Today (late) we called past and saw that the external doors were on and the roller door was on and some of the architrave's were started. We will have to wait till the weekend to have a good look.

We are hoping that we are about 6 weeks off completion, that is going by other Wisdom bloggers, maybe we should start hassling Wisdom for a date soon as we have to give 30 days notice for a rental place.

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  1. Stairs were look awesome at that time. Just been amazing work been completed on it.
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