Friday, March 5, 2010


This week has finally seen the construction certificate issued, the bank give a verbal go ahead but we are still waiting for the documents and Wisdom sent through the pricing variations, unfortunately they have to go back and look at again as they didn't include several items that were on the electrical layout plan, don't know how they missed them as they were drawn and written, SC at Wisdom couldn't understand how they missed it as well.

Wisdom said they are ready to start digging as soon as the bank paperwork is completed. Apparently the plans have gone to the Estimator to start ordering the bits and pieces. Hope the paperwork comes through this week and we can finally see something happening.

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  1. Hello neighbours. We have purchased a few blocks down from you (still at tender stage so a little while before we start building, also with Wisdom). I drove past yesterday to have a look at our piece of dirt (actually knee high grass) and noticed the portaloo and Wisdom sign on your block so it looks like building should be starting any time now. Looking forward to seeing it go up.