Thursday, October 28, 2010

Council bureaucracy at its finest

Unfortunately whilst all steam ahead to move in next week....BCC has rejected our DA for our retaining walls/fences.

Yesterday (in the pouring rain) we met with R our landscaper on site to try and sort out some ideas for him to present to BCC as alternatives. R will personally go and meet with the BCC officer today to show him photos of the cut and fill and the issues we have to contend with and hope to have some answers later today/tomorrow.

The frustrating this is we are spending time and money in trying to comply with BCC's requirements however many other landowners in our local area appear to have constructed retaining walls and fences which would not comply with Council.

ATTENTION all peoples who are looking at building a new home....while your builder may lodge a DA which allows for particular cut and fill levels on your block, when your neighbours commence building on their blocks which adjoing yours, their cut and fill levels may have a detrimental affect on your plans for landscaping and also on the cost of landscaping.

Stay tuned for updates on landscaping issues.

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