Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plan of attack

Well there's a lot to be done before the move starts so here's a list of what's scheduled so far:

  • this weekend - more packing and sorting out anything which we can throw away and not take to the new house
  • Monday 1st or Tuesday 2nd - collect final cheque for builder
  • Wednesday 3rd - meet J our SS for final inspection - take cheque to Wisdom Narrellan for hand over of keys etc
  • Wednesday 3rd PM - move G & L to new house
  • Thursday 4th - delivery of appliances - oven/stove, dishwasher, HWS
  • Thursday 4th - fitting of blinds
  • Thursday 4th - air conditioning install and commissioning
  • Thursday 4th - move more stuff over
  • Thursday 4th - G & L install TV antenna
  • Friday 5th - plumber comes to install HWS, oven/stove and dishwasher
  • Friday 5th - move more stuff over
  • Saturday 6th - BIG MOVE - removalists booked 8.30am start
  • Sunday 7th - continue with moving stuff over/unpacking stuff
  • Monday 8th - Telstra connect phone
  • Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th - unpacking of boxes etc and cleaning of QH house
I'm sure there's other stuff which has been arranged or needs to be done (ie sleep, eat etc) but I can't remember at the moment ..... just stay tuned.


  1. Hi

    Interesting reading your blog. My partner and I are looking into building an Eden Brae home. I'm writing a blog myself -
    too!! But its more about design at the moment than anything else. Its fun though. Good luck with your home!

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