Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PCI Inspection Today & Hand Over Date Arranged

Hey peoples....this morning G, D & L spent a leisurely couple of hours with J our SS going through every room and blue flagging any little defect/imperfection our combined 8 eyes could find.

The issues we did find are for the most part cosmetic - paint defects, gyprock probs etc....nothing major which is absolutely fantastic.

So the great news is we get our keys on 3 NOVEMBER 2010. 10am on 3rd we will meet with J at the house - another walk thru to see if everything picked up today has been done, we will then show him the cheque for Wisdom, he will hand us a set of keys - we will then take the cheque off to Wisdom at Narellan, complete any paperwork they require and receive the remainder of the keys.

So apart from fixing up defects found today, the following needs to be done:
  • further painting in bathroom
  • sealing around all tiles and vanities
  • staining of handrail to stairs - must say, we are very happy with the handrail - looks great
  • installation of door handles and locks
  • thorough clean inside (once all works completed)
  • thorough clean to outside of home (no thanks to Westminster who are builder next door - their brickie has thrown mortar all over our walls, gutters, roof etc)
  • backyard clean up - removal of builder's materials - broken brickes, tiles, general rubbish
  • removal of port-a-loo - no we don't wish to have an outside toilet
  • removal of construction fence
As for landscaping and fencing, R our Landscaping Contractor is waiting to get DA approval from Council - once he has this, he will be able to make a start on site - hopefully before Wisdom remove all the dirt which has been dug out for the driveway - this dirt will be extremely useful for fill in the back yard - saves us spending money on dirt.

Our lovely neighbours on the left hand side are moving in from this weekend and as they have young children are keen to get the fence up ASAP - so hopefully DA has issued or will issue any day and R can then get someone out to start on site to atleast get left hand side fence done.

So after today's fantastic news, I've made a few phone calls:

  1. garbage bins will be delivered around 3 Nov
  2. blinds will be installed on 4 Nov
  3. removalist booked for Sat 6 Nov

Between 3 and 6 Nov - Geoff will move over to house and we will also move a mattress, fridge, clothes, boxes and smaller stuff - we will save the furniture and larger appliances for the removalists.

For our family this has been a very long 14 months of renting....we will be very glad to be in our brand new home.

Blog again soon.

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